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News 31-Dec-2010  

Gemadept was awarded certificate of merit of HCM City People’s Committee at the 10 years of operation anniversary of HCM City Stock Exchange

On 20 July 2010, the 10 years of operation anniversary of HCM City Stock Exchange was held at White Palace Hotel with the attendance of leader representative of HCM City People’s Committee, HCM City Stock Exchange, listed companies, member securities companies and organizations participating in the HOSE.

On this occasion, HCM Stock Exchange also awarded HCM City People’s Committee’s campaign medal and certificate of merit to representatives of 05 listed companies, 08 member securities companies, 31 companies and 01 individual who have positively contributed to the stock market in particular and Vietnam finance in general since HCM Stock Exchange began to operate.

Gemadept was also honored as one of 31 companies which were selected and awarded certificate of merit by HCM City Stock Exchange in this 10 years of operation anniversary. This reward has meaning in encouragement and recognization for positive contribution of Gemadept in its business and investment in HOSE during the recent years.

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